How it works

Congratulations on positioning your restaurant into a more cutting edge, digital world. Follow these five simple steps to get started on creating your first interactive menu experience.

  1. Sign Up For a Free 30-day Trial

    Sign-up for your free 30-day trial. Simply click the sign-up button and fill in the form. Your credit card will be on file, but you will get a free 30 days and can cancel at any time.

  2. Establish Your Account Settings

    Review and complete the account settings page with information on your restaurant. The information entered on this page will be used by Menuvative Customer Service to assist you with any concerns or questions regarding your account.

  3. Creat Your Menu Items

    Next, click on "Menu Item," and begin to load your food and drink items into a database that will be utilized to create your menu. Here, you may categorize your entries, create custom descriptions, add ingredients, and upload high-quality images.

  4. Build Your Menu

    Once you've loaded various food and drink items, you can now begin creating you interactive menu using the Menu Builder. This tool allows you to customize and activate a new menu, or edit and delete an existing menu quickly and easily.

  5. Activate Your Menuvative Tablets

    Finally, you are ready to load your menus and menu items onto your Android-based Menuvative tablet. Simply download the Menuvative application on Google Play and register your product to begin presenting a custom and innovative menu experience to your customers and staff.



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